Chris Brown Gets Drugged & Dumped in ‘Liquor/Zero’ Double Video

Something’s got Chris Brown pretty bummed out at the start of his new “Liquor/Zero” double video, but that all changes pretty quickly.

While Breezy’s gloomily drinking at a dive bar, a woman in a skintight dress has other plans and sneaks a some drug into his beverage. From there, the night takes a wild turn.

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As she rubs up on Brown and the song turns to “Liquor,” the singer starts dancing with part psychotic and part sexual moves. The girl takes him back to her funhouse apartment, as the scene subtly turns more and more rave-like.

Next, Brown is dropped off by a taxi seemingly another woman’s apartment to find his stuff thrown out into an alleyway amidst a fight. But the night’s still young and a now seemingly sober Brown changes his shirt in the street and heads off in a sports car to his own One Hell of a Night tour concert in Downtown Los Angeles and then heads out with his crew for a night on the town.


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