Aysia is a 18 year old Houston native, new to the urban pop scene with an amazing sound and style.  She has a captivating voice and her goal is to reach her audience and and give a positive message. She sings about growing up, falling in love, experiencing life though her eyes and keeping God first in all she does.

Aysia is a captivating beauty of African American/Filipino descent but her beauty is definitely radiating from the inside out.  She grew up in the christian church and her strong morals and values are what keeps her grounded.  Her family has deep roots in music on her mothers side, her great grandfather, grand mother, and her mother were all professional singers and the love of music is in her blood.   She’s a talent that can’t be contained and her descent into the music business is a journey that will no doubt put her in the top ranks of up and coming female artists.  Watch for her upcoming EP in summer of 2015.  This is just the beginning of her journey.

Website:  www.iamaysia.com

Twitter/IG @iamaysia_