Recording Artist: Nando 27

Fernando Luis Pereira Padrón was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico on February 7, 1988. At the age of ten, he relocated to New York with his mother Evangelina and step-father Pedro. While adjusting to his new life and struggling to learn the English language, Fernando found refuge in music. Although he always had a passion for music, his love for rap and hip hop began to heighten. Exposure to artists such as Tupac, Eminem, Big Pun, Temperamento and Tempo became inspirational and influenced him to compose rap songs at the early age of twelve. He continued this passion for music throughout high school participating in talent shows, rising above local talents and peers. Music was slowly becoming his way of life.

During childhood, Fernando’s biggest role model was his step-father, Pedro. Pedro encouraged Fernando to pursue a career in music with consistent support and motivation. Pedro was the only father figure he knew and sadly passed away following complications from a stroke on June 27, 2015. However, Pedro’s dream of seeing his son follow his passion for music lives on. Fernando coined the name NANDO 27 in honor of his father Pedro, who remains a source of motivation to this day.

Currently Fernando has taken his dream of becoming a Spanish rap artist into his own hands. He has consistently been writing, editing and performing his own music. Since traveling to Central America, he has been promoted internationally for his underground music in countries such as El Salvador, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. His music can be heard on radio stations, websites and fan pages connected to the these countries where present day famous Latin artists are publicized along with his creatively edited personal photographs. He also has performed at venues demonstrating his unique artistry as well as opening for international Latin artists. To continue the spread of his talent, Fernando has associated himself with the Latin community and it’s business entrepreneurs within New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Fernando’s ultimate dream is to become a worldwide known bilingual rapper all the while, following into his father’s footsteps and achieving the ability to economically support his mother and younger sister’s needs and dreams. He also plans to pursue a future in acting and modeling in correlation with his music career.

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