Sly Doggie – Christian Davis


Sly doggie Productions is an “artist first” production company. What do we mean?

Well, most production companies pride themselves in how good THEY are. We pride ourselves in how good we help YOU to be. “Don’t get me wrong, we’re still one of strongest production teams in the game… But it’s about the artist,” said CDS.

We offer a number of unique services, catering to both independent and signed musicians, with the goal of making the best records possible.

One conversation with Sly Doggie Productions’ Christian “Davis” Stalnecker and you are instantly taken on a journey – subtle at times, boastful at others, funny, truthful, authentic, and always full of color and realism. As a songwriter and producer, Christian’s unique skill sets are nothing less than an extension of his daily conversation. Lyrically, he paints metaphoric pictures that translate the emotional tug of wars experienced in life and love. The music itself is the canvas that these pictures are painted on. It’s through this ability that Sly Doggie Productions is able to help artists better tell their personal stories through song. To date, Sly Doggie Productions’ approach to music creation has contributed to the industry in a major way.


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