Trevis Romell Urban Pop Artist/Writer

Trevis Romell is Urban Pop’s newest heavy-hitter. Wanna Try was written by The Sauce Boys and produced by Nick Baker.

The music industry is constantly evolving and only makes room for those who can keep up.  Trevis Romell is that guy.

Trevis Romell is a multi-dimensional talent and unrelenting creative force. A Milwaukee native, Trevis Romell Harris got his professional start in the music business as a songwriter and producer for SauceBoys Entertainment, headed by CEO Ivan Latimore. As a writer and producer, Trevis works closely with the prominent young superstar, Jacob Latimore.   

Music has always been his thing. From a small child, Trevis frequently found himself with a mic in hand or a song in mind, and would be frequently requested to perform at family gatherings and holiday events. In 2009, Trevis shared his gift with a larger audience by recording his first independent album, “Give You All.” This milestone was the motivation that led the young innovator to shake up the music scene in Houston (TX), where is presently resides.

The total package is definitely what you’ll get with Trevis. And while he is influenced by a diverse assortment of genres and artists, he never allows his influences to dominate his own originality. His uniqueness comes laced with artistically exciting melodies and catchy undertones. His versatility, innovation and adaptability allow for his boundless approach to creating. His music conveys a lot of emotion and creatively, he’s committing to doing whatever is necessary to produce timeless, “feel good music.”

When he’s not singing and creating music, Trevis is giving back to the community and participating in charitable events. He believes in the power of unity and seeks to engage in anything geared towards promoting positivity.

Overall, Trevis Romell is a God fearing, risk-taker. The singer/songwriter is now taking flight as music’s newest heavy-hitting recording artist. He understands that the highest quality of artistry and consistency is in urgent demand. And while the strong may survive, only the best remain relevant.


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