Lee Curtiss Unveils Synth-Drenched Remix of Lee Foss’s ‘The Gift:’ Exclusive Premiere

This Friday, a new release from Lee Foss arrives on the Emerald City imprint. Foss’s single, which features sturdy vocals from Camille Safiya, is accompanied by remixes from Lee Curtiss, Sonny Fodera and Detlef.

“‘The Gift’ started as a poem for my girlfriend and an instrumental a couple years ago,” Foss said in a statement. “But adding Camille to the equation really brought the song to life. Her voice gave it the magic I was hearing in my head.” “All the remixes are amazing,” he added.

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The Curtiss remix is premiering exclusively on Billboard today. The rhythm section establishes a syncopated shuffle, amiable but not too pushy, and synths bubble steadily in the background, providing Safiya with extra reinforcement.

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