The Business News Report Show

The Business News Report is a live digital radio program focusing on advertising, media, marketing, sales, pr, and customer relations for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, and Corporations. The Business News Report discusses advertising, issues, marketing trends and strategies, and features weekly interviews with prominent industry experts and advertisers. Join us for a lively and informative one-hour live radio program.

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The Tasters Choice Show

The Tasters Choice is a live digital radio program that allows beverage companies to showcase brands, and alcoholic beverages to showcase their new drinks, and mixes live to millions.  The Tasters Choice will target all Beers, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Taquila, and Cognac lovers.
Join us for a tasty live one-hour live radio program.
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Worldstar HIT Radio “Live” … Perform Live!!!

Worldstar HIT Radio “Live” is a live digital radio program that allows all talent in different to “Perform Live” at the station!  We work close within the industry, and with several record labels.  There’s thousands of “Open Mics” out here in every city and state.  Stop Wasting Your Time!
This Is Your Chance…  Now Is Your Time To Be Seen & Heard Live By Millions!!!
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The Chef’s Station

The Chef’s Station is a live digital radio program that allows Chef’s to showcase their Favorite Cuisines, Services, and Booking Info Live to millions.  Chef’s will show you tips, and tricks on how to eat your Favorite Foods in style.
Join us for a tasty live one-hour live radio program.
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Body Talk Media”

Body Talk with GiGi and Melody Marie powered by Rebecca Davis State Farm Agency is a health, fitness and wellness show that is hosted by two of the top fitness trainers in the industry. They will discuss weekly the how to’s and motivating ways to get fit and stay fit for the every day person who is working or busy with life. Body Talk will give you those tips that will motivate and inspire you to meet and reach those fitness goals. In addition, they will give you ways to get and stay healthy. Tune into Body Talk with Gigi and Melody Marie every Monday at 8pm. It’s all about the BODY and they love to TALK!!

“Let’s Talk Girl Talk

Let’s Talk Girl Talk is a weekly syndicated online radio talk show that features Romance Author Krys King and Creator of CheMinistry and Queen of Relationship Talk Chanel Scott.

Krys and Chanel talk about relational topics specifically geared toward fostering healthy relationships between men and women as they have very candid conversations with one another.

Let’s Talk Girl Talk also features celebrity and influential guests who share through experiential knowledge or expertise as it relates to the topic at hand.

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The Lifestyle and Edutainment Show

The Lifestyle and Edutainment Show covers lifestyle, entertainment industry news, business topics, relationships, and family issues.  Sherrod and Cheryl are committed to “edutain” you.  In a nutshell, this means that they will “educate and entertain” you on topics that matter to you.  Just know that your Monday nights will never be the same again.  With Sherrod and Cheryl, at the mic, you will look forward to joining them each week, for sure.

* Celebrity B.A.U.S.E. Trending News – Positive only

* Discussing the Do’s & Don’ts of being a B.A.U.S.E.

* What’s Happening in the ATL? – local news

* BANKing w/ Alana – economy/financial advice

* What would a B.A.U.S.E do? -advice column

* B.A.U.S.E. of the day? -highlight a listener/viewer

A’lana Banks is the #1 business and real estate mogul in Atlanta and star of WeTV’s hit reality show “Selling It In The ATL”. She prides herself on being a B.A.U.S.E.

Covering all avenues in local, business, sports and entertainment news there will be NO FILTER. A’lana will keep you motivated and driven to make B.A.U.S.E. moves within your career with her B.A.U.S.E. TALK BUSINESS. In addition, she’s dishing out B.A.U.S.E. Tea.

I guarantee with Alana’s witty personality and sense of humor you will be highly entertained. Taking over your radio every Tuesday night from 8-10pm like a real B.A.U.S.E.

World Star Hit Radio brings you B.A.U.S.E. Talk Radio.  So make sure you tune in for advice you can BANK on.

DJ Jelly, known as The Stamp of Approval, is a student and teacher of Hip-Hop and is considered one of the most influential DJs, not only in the South but all over the world. Although his Dirty South style of Hip-Hop was not recognised until early 2000, Dj Jelly along with his partner Mc Assault, enthusiastically led the crusade and have been able to remain a relevant force in the nurturing and building of this very important and evolving segment of hip hop.

The DEALER’S CHOICE delivers Sportstalk & Entertainment News co-hosted by Aceman, “Mama there goes that Man again,” and National Recording Artist, Xavier Lewis – The Antidote To R&B! Much like the passionate debates that take place in barbershops throughout the nation, the controversary always sizzles on the DEALER’S CHOICE! From Stats and bragging rights to “YO Mama” jokes, mixed in with some of the best Celebrity Guest features in the Sports and Entertainment arenas, come hang with the DEALER’S CHOICE each and every week on Worldstar Hit Radio! We got that Sportstalk News!!!

The show, Spiritually Speaking, will deal with the Spirit within you. If you are feeling depressed, sluggish and tired of things not going your way; then you have become spiritually depleted. You need a spiritual up lifting (i.e. love and belief in a higher power) to survive. Your body needs nourishment to survive. You also need a spiritual component or you will begin to die. Depression and sadness are the beginning stages of your body spiritually dehydrating. Don’t ignore the Spirit within you. It is priceless and eternal. Bro. Zigg and his special guests will continue to provide insights for your spiritual journey by leading you out of suffering and sorrow. You will spiritually dwell in a state of being, giving it no attributes prior to your thoughts.
The show will free you from false identification, pretension and delusion of various kinds. You cannot come face to face with the eternal spirit within you, without destroying what the mind has created. The spirit cannot be created and therefore cannot be destroyed. The show will continue to hammer at your ego and insisting that you can only know through your own personal experiences. The messages will be used to cut away the concepts we’ve learned since birth. Before this – what was I?  Discussions and teachings given would have been the same today, yesterday and forever. There will always be conscious beings wondering about the fact of their being conscious and enquiring into its cause and aim.  Who am I?

J The VP Show focuses on the state of great comfort and extravagant living.  J The VP believes that each guest is a very important person. Denoting the most expensive of a range of products, we will serve Food, Fine Wines, Beers, Champagne, and Alcohol during the show. Yes, we said it…. UNLIMITED DRINKS!!  J The Vp allows his guests to be themselves, speak wisdom, and give advice to their fans & people across the world. Each guest will receive a sponsored gift from J The Vp Show current sponsors.  Are you ready…  Fasten Your Seat Belts To Enjoy Your First Class Ride!!


Instagram: @theatlantamarketingking

Funky Darryl James aka DJ Funky is one of the South’s premiere DJs and has been a staple in the Atlanta music scene since the 1990’s.  He started his illustrious music career as a DJ founding the legendary Legion of Doom DJs in 1995 creating a multitude of mixtapes and spinning in nearly every club in the “ATL”.  He was also a featured DJ and radio personality on Jermaine Dupree’s So So Def Radio on CBS/V103fm interviewing the entertainment industry’s elite.  DJ Funky is now one of the four founding members of the Coalition DJs who are responsible for breaking most of the new music you hear through Atlanta’s adult entertainment venues.  Rap acts including 2Chainz, Future and Migos all credit DJ Funky and the Coalition DJs with turning their recent records into hits.