Dear Black Men Network

SAT-SUN 14:00

Program Description

Globally, not only are Black men immensely misrepresented but they are also largely misunderstood. The many stereotypes, the accusations, and the raw statistical data pool used by The American Media, Hollywood, and sometimes even Black Entertainment to define black men, is only the tip of the iceberg of who they really are, but Atlanta’s new hottest talk show host- LaTonya Mechelle understands that the true treasures of black masculinity, are below the surface.

Through her fun but sexy one-on-one dialogue with celebrity black men and black power players, an entirely different image of black masculinity emerges. The Dear Black Man talk show provides a safe zone for black men to be transparent about whom they are, and it allows them to provide candid and raw perspective of black excellence and black masculinity. Tune-in each Wednesday from 7pm – 8pm Eastern Standard Time, as show host LaTonya Mechelle through intimate conversation, uncover black greatness buried deep within black men.