Will.i.am Joins George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound Backing New Audio Technology Ambidio

Grammy winner and technology junkie Will.i.am has joined Horizons Venturesand Star Wars’ filmmaker George Lucas’ sound and design company Skywalker Sound in backing new cognitive audio technology company Ambidio.

The Los Angeles-based sound company — created by founder Iris Wu while searching for a quality listening experience in her small New York City apartment during her time attending graduate school at New York University — treats the brain as a decoder to deliver an immersive sound experience on any device.

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In 2014, will.i.am threw his hat into the tech world with his own wearable smart device, the Puls. He also owns a founding stake in Beats Electronics and was the first artist to send a song to Mars — and play it back from the red planet — in partnership with NASA’s Curiosity Mars Space Lab. Now, backing Ambidio simply falls in line with his tech-y passions.

“I love innovative technology and the moment I heard Ambidio, the ideas of what it could enable, the experience it would give to music lovers across the world, I had to get involved,” will.i.am tells Billboard.

Ambidio also offers little fuss for first-time handlers as the 360-sound experience only requires two speakers and can either be embedded directly into movie and audio files, or via plug-in to process the audio output of any device during playback in real-time.

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will.i.am (real name William Adams) notes that Ambidio is also compatible with any stereo speaker system. “For example, everyone knows Dolby from going to the cinema,” he says. “Ambidio doesn’t want to replace Dolby, they want to enhance it, and the addition of Ambidio would again create a new dimension to their sound system.”

The Black Eyed Peas‘ founder and frontman also plans to implement the game-changing technology into his recording process. “I can be more creative with how to immerse the listener in three dimensions, which will change up the whole process,” he says. “I can approach writing music in a whole new way so basically, [expect] some really awesome new music that you will be able to experience like you never have before!”

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